Our Platforms

Our Platforms

It’s hard to soar when you carry the weight of unforgiveness, past traumas, and bad decisions.”

- Kelly Smith

Peace, love, contentment, and everything else you envision in your life starts with what you believe. Kelly Smith delivers keynote speeches, small group meet ups, and one-on-one chats where she explores her past (and maybe yours as well), including her own similar struggles, and the mindset she adopted to become an overcomer.

Our platforms, Shunammite Enterprises which houses Kelly Smith Speaks (KSS) and Becoming Whole Institute each offer targeted services:

  • Shunammite Enterprises: a comprehensive online resource that houses our Kelly Smith Speaks (KSS), our speakers platform, a link to our workshops at a variety of workshops at www.becomingwholeinstitute.comtools, and resources to support individuals seeking to begin their personal growth, healing, and self-improvement.
  • Kelly Smith Speaks: A dynamic motivational speaker who relies on her experience as a military veteran, a survivor of abuse, and CEO of a wealth management company to inspire others. Click here (link) to find out more
  • Becoming Whole Institute (BWI): Through partnering with a coach, BWI is a guided platform where individuals, small groups and businesses are encouraged to explore their decisions and reasons that have brought them to this point. Available in-person, on video or virtual, our workshops, speaking engagements, and chats are key to gaining a healthy mindset.

Visit www.becomingwholeinstitute.com.

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