Shunammite Woman's Principles

A Great Woman
🔵 Share Generously

The Shunammite woman was not stingy with her God-given wealth. She didn’t stop at an occasional meal but generously provided a room for Elisha. She went “above and beyond," which could be the definition of generosity when it comes to the giving of your resources. 

🔵 Offer Hospitality (Insistently and Graciously)

Instead of being swayed by Elisha’s hesitancy to accept her gift of hospitality, the Shunammite woman graciously insisted he take it. She was intentional in offering hospitality and accommodated the receiver with reassurance that she was indeed sincere in her desire to provide it. 

🔵 Be Cheerful and Support Others in Their Efforts to Be/Become Better

By referring to Elisha as “a holy man of God,” the Shunammite woman revealed her esteem for God Himself. She realized that this was her ministry. She was called to support this man that God had called.

🔵 Always Seek to Serve

Throughout her time serving Elisha, the Shunammite woman never let her inner pain of being unable to have a child stifle her desire to serve. Rather than sitting and stewing in her pain, she turned outward, focusing on others in sacrificial service.

🔵 Cultivate Thankfulness and Gratitude

In an astounding turn of events, the Shunammite woman gave birth to a child as promised. Years later and with great distress, she went straight to Elisha to share the news of her son’s death. She trusted God and believed that the prophet would help.