Know Yourself First (Who Are You)

Know Yourself First (Who Are You)


Do you feel like you're living a life that isn't true to who you really are? Are you wearing a mask to fit in or please others? If so, it's time to strip away the facade and meet your authentic self.

In this workshop, we will guide you through a journey of self-discovery. We'll help you identify the past hurts and traumas that may be holding you back, and work to help you uncover the real you. Through interactive exercises and guided discussions, we'll help you clear your mind and meet the person you were truly meant to be.

Have you wondered how you have gotten to this point? When your world starts closing in, do you wonder, “Who am I?”. If you're ready to live an authentic life and discover who you really are, join us for this enlightening workshop.

Kelly Smith is not a licensed therapist, counselor, or psychologist . She does not share her experience in lieu of license therapy. She is, however, a caring empathic who understands how to navigate life through love and experience. Kelly is willing to work licensed professionals.

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