Kelly E. Smith, Owner (The Modern Day Shunammite)
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Welcome! I am Kelly E. Smith, Chief Executive Officer and President of Smith Equity & Financial Consulting Group, Inc., Founder & Owner of Shunammite Enterprises LLC, featuring Kelly Smith Speaks, and Becoming Whole Institute.  

While I wear many hats, it wasn’t until I hit my 30s that I began the path to learning my authentic self and began to embrace the freedom that comes with it.

One day while juggling my work goals and life's responsibilities when I hit a brick wall. It was if I had opened my eyes and realized that my joy was gone and the life I cultivated, I no longer recognized.

It was then I knew I had to begin my healing journey. I started by looking at the events that shaped my life. Those events I would learn affected my decision-making and just about everything else.

Yes, that meant peeling back the good, ugly, and even self-destructive aspects of my personality. And when I found the root, I dug deep to snatch it out of the garden of my life. I left no trace of it behind. I promised myself that the only way to heal every hurtful memory is to confront it and reduce it to mulch.

I am a daughter whose life was ripped apart by my parent’s divorce. I was 11 years old and, although our home life certainly was not a Hallmark movie, somehow with dad at home there was always a glimmer of hope that it would get better. When dad left to live happily ever after with his “other” family across town, it was as if we were plunged into complete darkness. Through the years, life for me, my brothers, and my mom spiraled downward. I experienced the full gamut of a rough childhood, from abuse to loneliness to rejection. I may not have gone through exactly what you have in your life but I've found that regardless of what we go through in this life, the end results are typically the same.  

Though trauma might connect us, it is the small daily triumphs that will build us as overcomers.

Healing has less to do with what people say about you, but rather what you think of you. You define yourself. You do not have to be stuck in the past. You can heal, progress, and grow to find your success.

Life has a way of molding you but I've found that the shape that you find yourself in doesn't have to be what someone else says it is. You can define yourself. You do not have to be stuck in the past. You can heal, progress and grow to find your success.

I'd love to help you do the same. Together we can take the journey to Becoming Whole. 

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