Precepts of The Shunammite
Expansion, Elevation and Grace for Execution


Expansion in your life may be difficult to envision. Our minds are much like a person standing in a dark room. Fear creeps in, as the unknown seems threatening. But once the light is flicked on, we see it’s just a chair with a coat draped over it. Fear coupled with imaginations of our minds can paralyze us. When we activate the Word of God, illumination occurs and all of what was previously unknown is now seen clearly.


The Word of God says that we are to "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” When we choose to do this something amazing happens within our spirit and soul. Stony places are broken up, weeds are rooted out, and threats that are blocking your path “are plucked up and cast out”. Then ground of your life is ready for planting and building.

Grace for Execution

How do you achieve the goals of elevation and expansion? Once again, we must allow God to do what only He can do. Some are assigned to plant, some to water, but only God gives the increase. He causes divine appointments and connections throughout our lives as we learn to apply his laws, statutes, precepts, and commands in our lives.

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